in other news, fear is

in other news, fear is building of the coming weeks. i can’t remember the last time i was so clueless and planless about basic life issues. e.g. job, home, and country. all the frenchies, employers and family alike, have been consistently absent and lacking in communications from the front. i also cannot believe that i have another week of coming into the office, aka beyond the valley of the bored. i have one semi-project but i can’t even begin to concentrate. well maybe things will solidify with my trip and i can begin the train of unending errands. or maybe things will fall apart with my trip and i can begin the train of completely losing my shit.

i’m really entranced by the

i’m really entranced by the trailers i’ve seen for crazy/beautiful. first of all i gotta give props to whoever was cool enough to put the slash in the title and keep it all lower case. i guess that’s been and being done everywhere on the web. but still, in a movie title? that’s pretty hot.

second the scenes of LA youth tug on the heart strings ya know? haha – actually movies like this just make me revise my memories of childhood to seem more exciting than they were. which is ok by me. truth is for suckers.

but really, Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez are pretty hot. and who doesn’t like teen romance/angst movies? especially since they’ve been getting so racy recently. the Salon review points out that practically all of the drinking and drug scenes were cut out courtesy of the FTC and Disney. Salon gives it a thumbs up but i only really trust the LA Weekly review which was more on the fence but still listed it in their trusty Recommended Section.

hopefully i’ll get to see it sometime this week, even if it is without a cutie to pounce on afterwards.

finally, a flash intro that

finally, a flash intro that may be worth watching.

check out the World Domination Design Group


though they might be the arch enemy of my old cohorts at The Chopping Block. If they’re not, they should be ’cause i’m pretty sure this whole world domination thing started with the Block. ok ok maybe it started with the Romans or something… but… who can remeber that far back?

m-w word of the day:

m-w word of the day:

schadenfreude • \SHAH-dun-froy-duh\ • (noun, often capitalized)

: enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others

Example sentence:

“Bathed in summer sun (a temporary glitch, no doubt), you can’t help feeling a touch of schadenfreude when reading weather reports from Vostok, Antarctica . . . temperature today -54C.” (Robbie Hudson, [London] Sunday Times, June


back in the office of

back in the office of non-stop excitement this monday morning. but honestly, the fun of putzing around aimlessly most of the day has pretty much totally worn off. i am bored to bits. the kind of bored where you can’t even begin to entertain yourself because you have crossed some threshold of ennui which results in a sloppy sort of ADD. meaning i can’t even get through a single paragraph of anything interesting.

i tried to write something witty or interesting about the motorcycle gang, err.. club, party i went to on saturday, or about circus amok on friday – but really i could hardly finish a sentence…

in terms of paris, now that i’ve made my decision, i haven’t heard anything from the err “management” in terms of planning the thing. after the initial excitement, there’s been neither hide nor hair from anyone about how and when i am actually going to get myself to my new job in paris. i am begining to think that i dreamt this whole thing up, and i actually should just be going about my business as if nothing in the world was different. oh wait except for the fact i have

n o t h i n g

t o

d o


well i’ve got a $50 store credit at agnes b. and i think i oughta take a stroll to soho and try to spend it without spending too much else. if you don’t know agnes b., you can maybe get a wallet for less than $50, maybe. i ended up with the store credit after buying a pair of uncomfortable shoes in paris which were way too expensive. i didn’t realize this at the time because i totally botched up the conversion in my head and paid cash. when i exchanged them in nyc i went through mild sticker shock but recovered quickly as i realized i had just won a free shopping spree. anyhoo – $50 left.

for a girl who’s paycheck prospects are shaky at best, I’ve sure been doin’ quite a bit of shopping. well all my horoscopes say i will be experiencing things that i’ve always stayed away from… like credit card debt?

more about smart tags… A

more about smart tags…

A List Apart: Smart Tags

but does anybody even care about the web anymore? more on that later…

I read this line in

I read this line in a short story this afternoon. i liked it:

“No, you couldn’t tell anyone that, could you? without having to endure the trite echo of your own weakness”

Sabo, Bob Shacochis

In case you have concerns

In case you have concerns about how fresh your bread is, did you know that bags of bread use a certain color twist tie to say the date it was baked?

neat huh – if only for the sweet logic and consistency of it all…

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Soured Dough?

not like i really grocery shop, but i’m getting better…

I forgot that a week

I forgot that a week before a lotta things went sour, I used one of those annoying paper cards that fall out of magazines (i wonder if those things have a name; i’ll bet they do). anyway i filled out one of those things and got a subscription to Harper’s. my first issue arrived yesterday and after reading 1.5 articles, boy am i pleased. what a seriously informed liberal bent! i’ve read the magazine a lot before subscribing, but i think one thinks differently of her reading material once she is a subscriber. a good article makes you proud to be a reader, a poor one reflects badly. it’s personal.

anyway i learned that “Major funding for the Antiques Roadshow is provided by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.” so? well, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do after finding out that your great-grandmother’s teapot actually originated from Queen Victoria’s court and is worth $10,000?

You get that shit insured. and quick.

and that’s pretty much what every single one of “winners” does. i wonder if chubb has hungry insurance agents roaming around the convention center, their shirts pressed, their pens filled with ink…

i guess it could be more evil, but still… i want to think pbs is better than that…

the design… it’s soothing somehow…

the design…

it’s soothing somehow…


maybe just as opposed to the pepto pink…