people are suspiciously nice to

people are suspiciously nice to me these days. people like the receptionists at the trillions of doctors i’ve had to see lately, the pharmacist, the guy next to me on the train this morning… i think i have been developing a pathetical countenance. yes, pathetical is a word, i looked it up. maybe wounded-woodland-creature-like? maybe?

anyway speaking of…

i may have become unconsciously less careful when crossing the street lately. for example i was nearly run over by an ambulance on fulton street on sunday. this was surprisingly not scary. i had to laugh at the thought of being run over by an ambulance. especially since it wasn’t speeding or screaming to get somewhere or anything, just driving down on fulton in no particular rush. i think that would be a pretty decent way to go. does that count as ironic? i never get to use that word right. reminded me of a quote i read recently:

QVOD ME NUTRIT ME DESTRVIT (that which nourishes me destroys me). apparently angelina jolie has that tattooed on her stomach or back or something. i can’t think of a more pure demonstration of that than getting run over by an ambulance.

[btw, there are an insane number of angelina jolie sites out there - i can't get into combing through them to find the most deserving of link. see for yourself]

i went to elementary school with ms. jolie actually (then d.b.a. angie voight). it’s wierd that my elementary school has a website. jeez – when i was there in (i think it was) 6th grade i got an IBM PCjr whose sole purpose, i thought, was to play Summer Games II and, of course
Dr. J vs. Larry Bird One-on-One. oddly enough this is a highly respected game.

ha – the cover really brings back memories.

why don’t nba players wear shorts like that anymore!?!

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